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To provide the participants of BCom proficiency in financial reporting framework and lead them to higher education opportunities and job placement in the field of commerce, baking and finance.
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BCom will equip the participants with: The roles to be played by accountants in society, providing and ensuring the integrity of financial and other information. Recording, analysis and interpretation of historical and prospective financial and non-financial information. Designing and applying the techniques of information technology to financial and non-financial information management. Following ethical and regulatory environment for accountants. Establishing business process and conducting analysis. Designing and implementing internal controls and security. And managing risk assessment and assurance for financial and non-financial reporting.  

Career Opportunities

The program leads students to higher education opportunities in the field of business and commerce such as ACCA, CA, ACMA, CISA, CIA, CIMA, MS in Accounting and MCom (H), etc. It allows students to enter the profession at entry level positions in various business organizations such as banking, insurance and manufacturing as accounts officers, import officers, tax consultants and brokers, etc.

Road Map

Semester 1                                                       Credit Hours AC- 130 Fundamentals of Accounting                                3 MG-110 Business Environment                                          3 EN-110 English Grammar and Comprehension                   3 IS-  126 Computer Applications in Business                       3 SC-120  Islamic Studied                                                    3                       Total                                                           15 Semester 2 EC- 210 Micro Economics                                                3 EN-120  Spoken English                                                    3 QM-110 Business Mathematics                                         3 MG-230 Business Laws                                                    3 SC-180   Pak Studies                                                        3                       Total                                                           15 Se


Banking Islamic Banking and Finance Banking Laws and Practices Consumer Banking Banking Credit and Risk Management Leasing and Micro Financing Commercial and Investment Banking International Trade & Foreign Exchange Options Finance Corporate Finance Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Money and Capital Markets Risk Management International Finance Financial Derivatives Financial Statement Analysis Advanced Financial Management Capital Budgeting and Long Term Financing Decisions Taxation Corporate Tax Sales Tax, Excise Duty and Customs Local and Provincial Taxes Global Taxation Total Courses                   42 Duration                           4 Years Total Credit Hours            126 Note: Internship will be offered in the final year.